We're not dead yet!

It’s been a long time coming, but Paintbrush 2.1 has finally been released! And with it come a bucket-full of new features and bug fixes, including (but certainly not limited to):

• Color accuracy: All-new internal image storage means far better color accuracy
• Transparent selection: Automatically remove the background color in selections to obtain pixel-perfect positioning
• Speed: In addition to full 64-bit support, various tools have gotten speed boosts, especially the massively improved Fill tool

We’ve also added plenty of little fixes and features, including better printing options, enhanced image resize UI, improved transparency support (featuring a classic checkerboard pattern), and JPEG quality settings.

(For the open-source aficionados in the audience, you’ll also be interested to note that Paintbrush is no longer licensed under the GPL. Instead, the project has been shifted to the more-permissive Simplified BSD license. There are some philosophical reasons that we’ve decided to make the change, but those belong in a separate blog post!)

We here at Soggy Waffles are really proud of this new version, and hope you guys love it too! Be sure to grab it from our downloads page, or update directly from within Paintbrush 2.0.1.

Now that Paintbrush 2.1 is finally released, we’ll be taking a few weeks to rest before beginning work on the next major release of Paintbrush, version 3.0. But don’t be surprised if we end up using that time to plan our other, much secreter project...

Small Update, and the future of Paintbrush

Paintbrush 2.0.1 has just been released, incorporating a handful of minor bug fixes. Specifically, the text tool’s antialiasing has been improved, and a small glitch with the new color selectors has been resolved. As this is only a bug-fixing update, no features have been added, and no major tweaks have been made.

Which brings us to the future of Paintbrush. The current plan is as follows (remember, anything to follow is subject to change!):

2.0.x: These releases will continue to include small tweaks and bug fixes. New versions will be released whenever an important bug is discovered, but their features will remain virtually identical to the original 2.0 release.

2.1: Work is ongoing on a significant new point update to Paintbrush, version 2.1. Several key structural components are being either overhauled or completely replaced, and at least one new tool is being implemented. It will not be as significant a release as the jump from 1.2 to 2.0, but will require much more time and effort than a release in the 2.0.x branch. As stated, development is progressing nicely, but it is still too early to provide an estimated release date. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as its feature set solidifies.

3.0: That’s right, even as 2.1 enters its first alpha-quality development builds, rough plans are underway for version 3.0. This will be a very significant update, even larger than the jump to version 2.0. Please note: Paintbrush 3 is still in its initial design phase! In other words, it doesn’t exist yet beyond mockups and a rough plan. Don’t expect to hear much about this one for a long, long while, but do know that it is coming.

Rest assured, steady progress is being made on all three fronts. Now that the development team has completed a few outside obligations, expect rapid progress to be made in the near future.

In the meantime, do you have a cool idea for a new feature you’d like to see in the future? Go ahead and sound off in the comments!

New site, new Paintbrush!

The wait is finally over: after almost 18 months, and countless delays, Paintbrush 2 is here! To celebrate, we’re launching our redesigned website, which includes this developer’s blog. In the future you can look here for information about upcoming releases, interesting development tidbits, and explanations for the inevitable delays.

In the meantime, if you’re reading this (and running 10.5 or higher!), then hopefully you’ve already downloaded Paintbrush 2. If you’re still on Tiger, make sure you’ve grabbed version 1.2 instead. Yes, that’s right: at the moment, Paintbrush 2 requires Leopard. I’ll be talking a little more about that in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!